DISCOVER  The development process of an online/e-commerce store is hard if you have no clue where to start. Our team has the ingenuity to create a website that represents your image and maintain the brand you envision.  The first step in discovery and developing your print portal include: 

  •  Working with a representative to get quotes on items you want on the site. We work hand in hand with you to get the best price and quality on the items you print.
  • Online Demo of a print site to discover the needs of your site. Each site it different and we create e-commerce platforms that meet the needs of each client. This includes modifications to reflect your companies’ brand, images, and content.

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FUNCTION  Our print sites are custom to you and your brand.  It's important for us to find out what functionality you are looking for and what we can suggest to make the site function best for you.  These key features are a significant part of site setup and should be decided before development begins.  Function options of a site include:

  • Site Basics - Main contacts for answering site build questions like reporting needs, billing and ship to options.
  • Processes Needed: Approvals, Budgets, Shipping Options, Billing Options, Groups, Access Levels for users and more.
  • Specific Coding and Plugins Needed:  API Access/XML Web Service Integrations, SAML for Single Sign On Authentication, CXML Punchout Integration

DEVELOP  An ecommerce website’s organization and content are key. Each category or sub-category may be an assemblage of printed products related by who it’s intended for, its purpose, or traits the products with relation to each other.  Item information is key but sometimes less is more.  We work with you to setup site information in a way that is best for you, not every site is the same.

  • Category and Sub-Category layout.
  • Items and item information collection and implementation including images.
  • Users and user account access levels and groups are determined.

DEPLOY  We believe that a website is an interactive experience for our client’s; providing product information, personalized solutions and ease of use - all branded print is anchored with the company objective.  Weather it be a business with multiple locations and different printing product needs, a multi-branded site, an internal company store or a franchise solution the eStores we develop are the conduit.  It is the place your staff, dealers, reps or other can visit and you can, in-turn, reach out to them through with product offers, promotions and special offers.  In the deployment phase we offer online training and walk throughs, video training, a training link on their site.  

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Steps to implement print portals through Vizi include DISCOVER-FUNCTION-DEVELOP-DEPLOY