Vizi’s PrinCLIK Print & Marketing eStores are custom print e-storefronts uniquely tailored for you.  Custom eStores, also called print portals, ecommerce, print management store and more specifically B2B (Business to Business) sites.  They are private, customer-specific websites tailored to each of our clients print and promotional needs.  A login is required to access a B2B website.  When logged in to your print portal, only your approved products will be seen.  We can offer an unlimited number categories and products, including variable data templates, and user accounts.  We customize your buying experience, including user interface, branding, pricing, shipping and payment options, approval workflows, mutli-level permissions, accept credit card payments, provide real time shipping rate information, export data, and more.  See our complete list of print eStore features below.  With the implementation of our complete web-to-print print portal solution, we can easily automate your print workflow.  This will result in faster order deliveries, improvement in customer service, and reduce manual entries.

Custom Site Design  We customize the look and feel of each customer storefront. Our eStores personalize for your site with your brand and company colors and artwork.

Customer Specific Product Catalogs  When you login, only the products for that user will be displayed.   Users can quickly and easily place print orders, even multiple brand platforms can be specified by the user log in so they only see the brand they are allowed to order.

Multi-Level Order Approval/User Approval  Orders placed by Users can be made subject to Approval by a supervisor, purchasing agent, etc. Only one plan can apply to any given order; this is either the default plan for the site, or a  plan assigned to the user.  In addition, new users that create their own log in can be made subject to approval as well.

Product Personalization and Save for Later
Using personalization and variable data component of the storefront, your customers can quickly and easily customize, proof, and approve documents directly from a web browser.  As the printer, we receive a press-ready PDF file immediately after the order is placed. Think of the time you'll save and headaches you can avoid by having your representatives complete these often tedious steps online all in one step. They can even save the design for later and come back to it later if they question some of the design information.

Product Image Gallery - Our new Image Gallery allows us to add multiple images for each product, choose a primary image, set their order and view them in a gallery mode that is compatible with all device sizes.

Inventory Control  Keep track of current inventory levels and inventory history with Vizi’s PrinCLIK powerful transactional inventory control capabilities. You may view inventory detail such as current inventory levels, reorder points and view the usage/replenishment history for an inventory item.  This feature can be limited to specific users.

User and Group Management  Our eStores allow for an unlimited numbers of users and groups. This allows us to easily track who ordered what and you to see that information through reporting.  Our systems even provides a variety of permission levels to each user to better manage the ordering capabilities of each user.  User Groups allow you to associate products with groups of users and even assign different pricing for each of the user groups.

Online Custom Design  Customize the look and feel of each customer storefront. Our eStores personalize for your site with your brand and company colors and artwork.  Our design options vary so we can give the user more freedom to customize or keep it simple and only allow specific information or images to be used.

Kitting  A kit is a group of products that can be ordered together at one time by your customer. A kit is set up like a product in the store with its own name, image, and description.

File Uploads  We use file uploads in many different ways for art, mailing lists and more,  We can add an FTP upload area or a direct file upload to your site through a link in several different places.  We can also setup a file upload area on specific products like mailers to allow for uploading your mailing lists.

Asset Management  Images, Mailing Lists, Documents and other files can be loaded into the storefront's asset management system and be made available for several different uses in the sites.

  • For a specific Site User - It will appear for only that assigned user.  The assets will appear on the client site on the assets page. It can also appear as an option for image fields on standard templates.
  • For a Product - It will appear for the assigned product on the product page and can be set as a "Customer Can Download" product.
  • Include in Email Notifications - When a product is chosen you will have an option to include a link in the order confirmation email sent to the client so they can download the asset after the order is placed.  This option allows you to only give the customer the file or asset after it is paid for and received in their confirmation email.

Budget Management  Budgets allow us to set and track a spending limit for Customer eStores.  The budgets can be set up for an entire site; for site users assigned to specific locations, departments, and/or groups; and for specific site users.  Budgets are not a payment method.   They are a spending limit that applies to all available payment methods.  Through the site groups we can allow site users who to view and/or manage any budget on the site, including budgets that would not be available to that user during the checkout process. 

Site Impersonation by Other Site Users - This new feature will allow a site user with given permissions, the ability to impersonate another site user from their same storefront.  In addition with permissions they can edit a site users profile information, like update a password or change a ship to address.

Reporting  The longest time frame for a report is one year of data. This is true for one time reports as well as any report that is run automatically. To get more than one year you will need to run a second report with a different date range.

  • Scheduled Reporting. The report writer will allow you to define reports and have them automatically run on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. You can also share reports among admin users and set permissions for which admin users can see which reports.
  • Storefront Reports may optionally give users the ability to create their own order reports directly from your storefronts.  This feature is only if the user has the authorized permissions.

Mobile, Tablet and PC Compatibility  Vizi's PrintCLIK e-Stores both Apple and Android devices do not support flash.  We avoid using flash so that our sites are compatible and are setup to work with iPads and other tables as well as mobile phones. 

Custom Integrations Options

cXML PunchOut  - Vizi's PrintCLIK e-Stores supports only level 1 cXML PunchOut processes for integration with procurement systems like Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest), or Oracle.  For full documentation on the cXML process, please visit http://www.cxml.org.  Please note that cXML is a very large specification governing a wide variety of procurement and financial transactions and will require an estimate to be approved or denied.  If your procurement system uses TLS, then it must support modern TLS standards. In particular, it must support SNI and TLS 1.2.

#URL Single Sign On or SSO login method for OAuth or SAML setup is a user authentication service that allows you to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access multiple applications.  This requires that we authorize the site accounts before they can see any products or pricing?  We offer SSO options in three methods:

  • Authentication by passing username and password via URL
  • Open Authorization (OAuth) (Customers can log in from their Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, or Google accounts)
  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) (Azure, Okta, OneLogin, PingOne, Salesforce, and a Custom/Generic option for others like Active Directory (ADFS) and Shibboleth)


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